By Christina Wood and Sophie Norris

bride embraced her farmer hubby’s career by getting married in a LIVESTOCK MARKET – while her white wedding dress trailed through cowpat-stained cattle pens.

When Abi Nadolski and her husband Adam, 29, revealed their possibly pungent wedding venue to friends they replied ‘I can’t believe you would let him do that’.

However the 23-year-old confesses that the unusual location was actually her idea as they’d both grown up around cattle and always joked about getting married at the market.

The blushing bride claims she wasn’t bothered about getting her glowing white gown dirty and even wore flat orange pumps on the day to remain safe on the gridded floor.


Abi and her mum even entered Melton Mowbray Market, Leics, by tractor and the guests enjoyed a ‘typical farmers’ breakfast’ as their wedding meal – sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, toast and mushrooms.

Abi, from Syston, in Leicester, said: “[The market] is part of our everyday life together and it is important to both of us. We go once a week and really enjoy it. I thought it was the best place for us to get married.

“We don’t go out very often but this is somewhere we can go together and it is something that interests both of us. He treats me to breakfast when we go.


“It means quite a lot to us both. We always spoke about getting married there. We have been interested in it for a long time.”

Adam, who works as a cattle drover at the market, started visiting it with his family from when he was just three years old before going with Abi.

Abi said: “I’m not a big high-heels wearer and Adam’s quite short anyway so I just bought some flat orange pumps from ASDA.

“My dad was a dairy farmer and my granddad had his own beef cattle as well as breeding horses so I’d always been around that farming environment too. It seemed natural to us to choose the farm as our wedding venue.


“My granddad actually bred my horse so I’ve had Jack since he was a foal. He’s 13 now and I’d planned on him coming to the wedding with me on the back of the trailer, but he was being stubborn.

“He was much too big to fit in the cattle crush anyway but I wanted some photos with him after the ceremony.

“My family weren’t surprised. They knew we wanted something different. I didn’t want something people have had before. We aren’t religious and I didn’t want a church wedding.

“I have two other sisters so my mum wasn’t bothered and I guess she expected it in a way. We’d always joked about getting married at the cattle market.

“I’m so glad that we [went ahead with the theme]. We might encourage others to get married there and be trendsetters.


“We’ve had lots of comments about it being a brilliant and fabulous day and so different – people have even sent us thank you cards to say thanks for inviting them.”

Abi met Adam when he delivered hay to a stable where she was taking horse riding lessons and they have been together for nine years.

Abi said: “I think my friends were more surprised. Lots of people thought it was his idea. A lot of people have said, ‘I can’t believe you would let him do that’ but it was my idea.

“We have been together for nine years and a big part of that was going there together. It is sort of our little outing.”

Adam works at the market on Tuesday helping with the auction and for the other four days works at another farm nearby.

Adam used his skills from working around the stables to build his bride a custom-made wedding car from wooden panels and straw.


Abi sat graciously on the back of the tractor on her final journey as Miss Bargate to the ceremony, which took place on October 28.

Adam said: “Our guests were amazed by how brilliant the day turned out to be. They said they had a better view as we were stood in front of the auctioneer’s chamber and they could look down at us.

“Most of the people said it’s the best wedding they’d ever been to.

“I’d always loved working with animals and used to visit the cattle market with my parents when I was eight. Then later on when I was looking for a weekend job as a teenager, they offered me a job as a drover for a couple hours a day.”

As they had always enjoyed a ‘farmers’ breakfast’ together on their weekly visits, Abi and Adam decided to order the fry-up as their wedding breakfast.

Adam said: “We had two sausages, two bacon, eggs, tomatoes, toast and mushrooms. I just thought ‘if they call it a wedding breakfast, why isn’t it breakfast food’ so I asked the cafe staff for a farmers’ breakfast.


“I didn’t see the point in having beef and all that. It was beautiful. I wouldn’t have done anything different.”

Along with the quirky cattle market setting, the couple thought of every detail to make sure their guests had a day to remember.

Abi and Adam decided to hire a bucking bronco for the evening and even the bride had a go, testing out if her years of horse-riding lessons had paid off.

Adam said: “We thought the bucking bronco would be a bit of fun and we’d never been on one before. I was certain everyone we knew would be having a go on it.

“Abi had a go on it in her wedding dress and then me and my boss, Phil Winterton, decided to see who could stay on the longest. In the end, we both had the same time at 69 seconds.

“For the trailer, I panelled the front out and put straw all around the floor to keep Abi warm. I built it myself from scratch.”

Tim Webster, the market manager, said: “We were quite surprised initially. It is a quite unusual place [to get married].

“You don’t see many people getting married in a market. It is unique. We wish them both success for the future.”

The market even provided all of the food for the ceremony and the couple insisted on having breakfast to keep in line with their traditional visits.

The wedding was attended by 65 guests in the day and 150 in the evening and they even had their two dogs Matey, nine, and Bella, two, there.