By Jamie Smith,

That’s BERRY impressive! These super strong ants have incredible skills – carrying and balancing fruit five times their size with such ease it looks as though they’re holding balloons.

The tiny ants were pictured hauling strawberries and an Indonesian fruit, known as Buah Seri, back to their nest and made the remarkable feat look unbelievably easy.

Pic by Eko Adiytanto/Caters News 

Photographer, Eko Adiyanto, captured the detailed images in the front garden of his home in West Java, Indonesia.

The 43-year-old said the ants worked with such ease it made it look as though they were carrying balloons.

He added: “These pictures show us just how strong ants are and it’s a great example of good teamwork.

Pic by Eko Adiytanto/Caters News

“I have observed and studied their behaviour and habits for a long time but I still feel very lucky to have experienced and witnessed this phenomenal event.

“I think the images are amazing. These ants are small animals but have enormous strength and are able to work together.”

Pic by Eko Adiytanto/Caters News