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By Luke Kenton

This hilarious toddler really doesn’t appreciate her mum’s rendition ‘Old MacDonald’ – so much so that the child cries in disgust every time she hears it.

Though the terrible twos may still be over a year away, 10-month-old Edith Scranton is already showcasing some serious sass, as she makes her opinion of her mother, Kelsey’s, singing voice very clear.

Leaning in lovingly as the tiny tot plays joyfully on the floor, Kelsey attempts to sing ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’ to her adored daughter – but her rendition isn’t greeting with the reception she’d hoped for.

Before she can even finish the first verse, Edith is sent into a tear-filled frenzy, so overwhelmed with disgust at her mother’s performance that it almost seems like she’s about to be sick.


Edith then lets out a painful-sounding whine before launching into a full-blown scream.

Stopping her cries as she realises her mum has stopped singing, Kelsey attempts to salvage her performance by launching into the second verse, which is met instantly with the same emotive fervor as the first.

Musician mum Kelsey, who is baffled by her daughter’s dislike for her music, said: “Edith has always been sensitive since she was a newborn.

“We discovered her dislike for ‘Old MacDonald’ quite early, after every time her grandmother sang it to her, she’d cry.

“We thought it was so funny, but sad at the same time.

“We’re so curious as to why she cries at this song – we honestly have no idea why.

“Every time an instrument is played, particularly violin or piano, she becomes randomly upset by it.


“Which is quite funny as both me and her dad, Travis, are musicians with multiple instruments in our house.

“She’s starting to enjoy it, slowly but surely.

“We kind of wonder whether she’ll be a child prodigy, because she clearly has a very fine and particular taste for musical tone and pitch.

“This is definitely true of her personality: she’s the most sensitive sweet heart.

“Her happy faces are the happiest and her sad faces are the saddest; she’s a deep feeler.

“Everybody thinks that she’s just adorable.”