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By Katy Gill

This lion was not up for a fight – inside running away from the elephant in the room.

A large African elephant matriarch took exception to a lioness prowling near her herd’s young.

Unimpressed by the predator’s repeated attempts to settle on the ground close to the youngsters, the matriarch repeatedly charged her to drive her away.

As lions and elephants largely avoid each other, the mother’s caution is especially remarkable.

The scene played out at the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, with the video taken by wildlife cameraman Shazaad Kasmani, 38, from Mombasa.

Shazaad said: “The sun had just set and light was fading fast when this incredible moment occured.

PIC FROM Caters News

“An elephant matriarch noticed that an adult lioness happened to walk by a little too close to her family.

“Wanting to keep them safe, and clearly uncomfortable about this encounter, she began to charge towards the big cat in an attempt to drive it away.

“She was quite persistent in making sure that this queen of the jungle was sent on its away, and at one point, the entire elephant herd came together to chase away this lioness.

“Although the lioness could have easily outrun the elephant, it was really exciting to watch the behavior between the two animals.

“Elephants and lions generally tend to keep their distance between one another. Lions know that an adult elephant could cause them serious injury, while the elephants also know that a pride of lions could take down a little elephant.

“However, there are times when the two unexpectedly cross paths, that is when the largest mammal on earth uses its sheer size to successfully drive away the predator.

“The matriarch was really persistant and it was facinating to see the whole elephant family come together to chase away the lioness.”