Amazing Video

By Katy Gill

A slackliner has attempted his first descent while back sliding his way to safety.

Kirill Semenov, 27, created a 58 meter slackline to practice his new moves and filmed his antics on October 25.

Kirill was visiting Kenneth Hann State park, Los Angeles, where slacklining is not prohibited.

The daredevil has practiced his new moves which included sliding down the ropes backwards, on his trampoline.

Despite the obvious dangers, Kirill says that he loves the thrill slacklining in obscure positions has given him.

Kirill said: “I have been slacklining for six years but gradually I started to be bored from repetitive tricks and decided to bring slidelining on another level.

“I love snowboarding and I love sliding on rails and ice and on everything you can slide on.

PIC FROM Caters News

“When I slide on the line it feels like sliding on a snowboard. I would say that it defiantly was a challenge, but i knew its possible. Just had to be creative with making shoes. I’ve had some falls and a lot of tries before I managed to slide the whole line.

“I don’t use any safety gear when I slide on my feet but when I slide on my back I put padding on parts of the body that touches the line to prevent burning.”

Despite having years of experience under his belt, Kirill claims he still gets scared when slacklining.

He added: “I do get scared, especially first several tries on my back.

“And after burning my arm on the line I started to get more wary but try to stay focused and control the balance as there is no place for fear at that point.”