By Kim Reader

Meet the ‘gentle giant’ rescue pup with an adorable underbite and ‘tusks’ that make her look exactly like the GRUFFALO.

Dogue de Bordeaux Maddie’s bottom jaw juts out meaning her pointy canines are permanently on show just like the tusks of the famed children’s book character.


While her protruding pearly whites might make her look like the fictional beast, there is nothing monstrous about two-year-old Maddie – other than the fact she is a ‘slobber monster’.

In fact the four-stone fur baby, who is on the lookout for her forever home, couldn’t be more chilled out or have more love to give, according to her 34-year-old foster mum Dawn Hughes.

Dawn, of Birkenhead, Merseyside, said: “As soon as I heard there was a Dogue de Bordeaux that needed fostering I offered to take her in because they are such a lovely breed.

“And Maddie turned up with her teeth hanging out. Her underbite is so cute, it just makes me laugh so much.

“She looks exactly like the Gruffalo from the children’s books with these two big teeth poking out all the time. She’s so funny.

“It’s a good job her teeth are always nice and clean with them permanently on show.


“It’s just like in humans where their lower jaw juts out a bit further than the top one but it doesn’t cause her any problems at all.

“Some of the faces she pulls are hilarious and she is an absolute slobber monster.

“She’s such a clown. She’s either making me laugh or trying to sit on me for cuddles. She definitely doesn’t realise how big she is, she thinks she is a lap dog.

“Maddie is a real gentle giant. She has so much love to give and she is really loyal. She will make such a great companion for someone who has the time for her.

“She is just so chilled out. I call Maddie a bomb-proof dog because absolutely nothing gets to her, she is just completely relaxed and she loves other dogs.”


The Gruffalo is a huge, furry creature with orange eyes – like Maddie – described as being half grizzly bear and half buffalo in the kids’ book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

Maddie arrived at Wirral Animal Welfare Association last month as her previous owner’s long working hours meant the poor pooch was being left at home for 12 hours a day.

Being left alone for long periods caused Maddie to become stressed and anxious and the lonely pup stopped eating.


While she is far from small, Maddie is still underweight for her breed which usually weigh around six or seven stone.

Following in the footsteps of her mum Annette Hughes, 62, who has fostered for the pet rescue for 25 years, retail team leader Dawn decided to take Maddie in.

Now the hilarious hound is living with Dawn and her five other pooches while she waits to find the perfect permanent home.

Dawn, who works part-time as a dog walker, said: “Maddie has still got a lot of weight to put on but we’re not worried about her at all anymore. She absolutely loves her food.

“Dogues have a big appetite so Maddie needs someone who’s going to be able to provide her with as much food as she needs.


“She is a strong dog and while she loves a good snuggle, she’ll also take as much exercise as you give her and loves going on long walks.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in Maddie because she is such a beautiful, big girl but we need someone who has experience with big dogs and has thought it all through.

“In her last home Maddie got so stressed from being left alone that when she came to us she was skin and bone. She’d stopped eating from the worry.

“So she needs someone who has got loads of time to shower her with attention.


“We are loving looking after Maddie. It is so rewarding fostering and seeing dogs who come to you emotionally and mentally broken recover and their personalities come shining through.

“We really want to find Maddie the perfect home. Whoever gets her will be lucky to have her.”