By Jamie Smith

This unfortunate octopus really isn’t hav-INK a good day – as he takes on an enormous seal in a bizarre ocean battle.

Pic by Wim Van Den Heever/Caters News

The cape fur seal viciously thrashes the helpless octopus around whilst holding it in its mouth, in an effort to break the octopus up in to edible pieces.

The striking images were taken by Wim Van Den Heever, 45, in False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

Pic by Wim Van Den Heever/Caters News

Wim, from South Africa, said: “When a seal catches an octopus that is too big to swallow they take them to the surface and violently thrash them about, so that the octopus can be small enough for the seal to swallow it.

“It’s known behaviour but is very rarely seen, let alone photographed.

Pic by Wim Van Den Heever/Caters News

“My favourite image from the series is the one that shows the octopus intact with the seal holding it in its mouth – it really captures the ferociousness of the seal.