Video Viral

By Becca Husselbee 

A motorist caught a ‘reckless’ driver on his dashboard camera after he narrowly misses hitting oncoming traffic while trying to overtake.

Driver Steve Browne, 48, recorded the Volkswagon Golf as it nearly collides with a van, travelling on the opposite side of the road, as he tries to overtake a queue of six cars on the national speed limit road.

The footage was captured last Saturday night as Steve and his wife, from Telford, Shropshire, travelled along the the A464 road, from Shifnal to Wolverhampton, at around 5.20pm

Steve said: “It all happened so quickly that it took us a few seconds to realise what he was doing.

“We thought the driver was an idiot as there was a row of around six cars with nowhere for him to fit in.

“I think he intended on overtaking all six cars but had to pull in quickly when he saw the van coming towards him.

“He made it worse when he put on his brakes, instead of speeding up and pulling back in quickly.

“When we actually looked at the video we realised how close it actually was.

“We often use that road, but have never seen any overtaking as reckless as that.”

Steve has not passed the footage onto the police as he did not manage to capture the driver’s number plate but said he would be keen to see if any other motorists captured the incident on their own dashboard cameras.

Steve said: “It’s is a very long road with blind bends that are very dangerous.

“He sat behind the car in front for a while but it wasn’t long before he started overtaking again.

“He clearly hadn’t learned his lesson.”