Life Video

By Ben Walley

A dad who was heartbroken by not being able to go and see Harry Style has finally forgiven his daughter.

Robert Harper, 41, was distraught when his daughter, Bailey Darnell, broke the news to him that he wouldn’t be attending the Harry Styles concert with her.

In a bid to make it up to him, Bailey, 18, decided to buy him a Harry Styles tour t-shirt.

Upon receiving the gift, Robert cannot help but show his elation – despite still confirming how sad he was to have not been at the concert.

Bailey, from Whitesboro, Texas, said: “I decided to get my dad a surprise from the concert and I surprised him with it.

“He was very happy and touched by the gift – even if he made sure I knew he still wasn’t happy with me for not being able to take him.

“For the rest of the day after I gave him the shirt he was very happy, and kept asking me ‘do you think Harry touched this?’

“Whilst I was at the concert my dad stayed at home and I felt really sad leaving him there/

“He was texting me throughout and even though I was sending him pictures I could tell he was sad – he still was when I got home from the show!

“Hopefully I will be able to get some tickets for his 2018 show, so I can take my dad to see his favourite artist.”