Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This ferocious attack shows three bear cubs pouncing and clawing at each other – but only in the name of fun!

These three bear cubs can be seen play-fighting together near the Russian border, deep in the woods in Finland.

Despite clawing, biting and hitting each other – the cubs can be seen continuing to play unharmed and excited.

This video was shot by Jenny Stock on her first ever trip to see bears.

Jenny said: “These three cubs cautiously appeared out of the woodland backdrop into the clearing with their mother close behind.

“At first they appeared shy, timidly making their way through the trees, but it became apparent they had more confidence than I first thought.

“I could hear their heavy snuffling outside the door and at one point they even tested the hide’s door handle.

“The baby brown bears are a joy to watch. The cubs love to rough and tumble and constantly play fight as they learn ‘how to be a bear’.

“It was very entertaining to watch and it wasn’t scary at all – it was just funny to see how curious they are.”