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By Josh Saunders

A father who almost ate himself to death has revealed his remarkable ‘flab to abs’ transformation after losing 25s tone and having two stone of excess skin removed.

Zach Moore, 36, from Pierson in Florida, USA, recorded a ‘goodbye video’ reading of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, to eight-year-old son Zach Jr, because he believed his death was imminent.

PICS BY ZACH MOORE / CATERS NEWS: Zach at his heaviest 4-5 years ago where he believed it would be his last christmas as he was eating himself to death and suffered a variety of ailments

Weighing a hefty 33st (500lb) with a dangerously high BMI of 60, he felt like he was ‘playing Russian roulette’ with his life three-years-ago as he slowly was ‘eating himself to death’.

After being hospitalised with food poisoning in 2013, he realised he had to change his life so he quit smoking, stopped drinking fizzy drinks, cut out sugar and sought out weight loss surgery.

Determined to survive for his son and wife Amber, 30, he lost 25 stone (350lb) in under two years, after having an RNY gastric bypass and walking 10,000 steps a day.

But his extreme weight loss left him with a whopping two stone of horrific hanging skin all over his body that left him with sores, infections and difficulty moving.

Since then he’s been under the knife ten times to remove the skin and after recovering from his last surgery, a belly-button revision five-months-ago he’s revealed his body for the first time.

Having gone from flab to having abs this dad is now making the most of being able to engage in physical activities with his son.

PICS BY ZACH MOORE / CATERS NEWS: Zach showing his loose skin – now hes gone from flab to abs that he had done last year hes finally recovered and showing off his body now

Zach, a mixed martial arts fight card promoter, said: “In the video from 2013, I was reading my son Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham story, I believed it would be my last Christmas with my family.”

“We filmed it so that Zach Jr. could grow up with memories to remember his dad by.”

“I truly felt like my life was coming to an end. I knew it was near. It’s not a good feeling knowing that all you have left to offer your family is memories.”

“I almost ate myself to death, but instead I found inner strength and worked very hard to get to where I am today.”

“The thought of not being around kicked me into gear. I didn’t want my son growing up with a tombstone for a father and it pushed me to keep fighting during the hard moments.”

“I watch that video all the time. It’s brought me to tears thinking I was so close to not being here. Because I fought so hard I can now tell my story to others.”

PICS BY ZACH MOORE / CATERS NEWS: Zach now showing off his abs, such a contrast from before and how much thinner he was from his larger size when he used to weigh over 33st

“It’s been worth every moment of the last year. It’s definitely given me access to different things I couldn’t do before like running, playing with my son, hiking, swimming and more.”

“I’ve gone from an enormous stomach to having abs, it’s weird being able to tone my body.”

“I had to start from scratch, slowly building up muscle mass in my upper body, core area, back and legs.

“Injuries and downtime due to wheelchair and crutches usage earlier this year, plus years of inactivity, had caused serious muscle atrophy.”

“The weirdest thing is how fit I am, I never expected myself to go from extremely obese to healthy, most people are surprised by how I look and can’t tell I used to be obese.”

At his heaviest weight, Zach was an excessive-eater consuming whatever takeaways he fancied as well as drinking at least two litres of cola each day.

After being hospitalised for food poisoning he quit smoking, drinking fizzy drinks and cut out sugar, allowing him to lose 7st 8 (110lb) in 100 days.

It kickstarted his journey back to health and gave him the courage to seek out weight loss surgery three years ago.

Zach said: “I was having issues walking, breathing and getting around every day, I had lost all of my sexual desire and was just miserable in life.“

PICS BY ZACH MOORE / CATERS NEWS – engage in physical activities with his son.- SEE CATERS COPY

“I also had issues while sleeping and had to use a lot medication for health concerns along with a lot of visits to the doctor.”

“I had a 70-inch waist, my legs alone were bigger than most people’s bodies and definitely larger than my entire body today.”

Since Zach lost all of his weight he’s undergone surgeries to reduce the impact of excess skin that left him with medical and mobility problems.

He went under the knife for a FDL 360 Tummy tuck with muscle repair, butt lift, breast reduction w/ areola reconstruction, belly button revision and more to deal with weight affiliated problems.

He still hopes to have upper thigh and upper arm skin removal surgery in the future.

Zach said: “I have went through one phase of surgeries, thanks to that phase of skin removal I will not have rashes or itches for the next 40 to 50 years of my life in those areas.”

“I feel like I was playing Russian roulette with my life for the last two years, I’m fortunate to be this far along.

Zach added: “There are a lot of simple everyday things I’m able to do now, that I couldn’t do when I was obese.

PICS BY ZACH MOORE / CATERS NEWS: Zach and wife Amber 30, now Zach loves exercising and has abs after being 33stone

“Things like driving a car, sitting comfortably in an airplane seat, walking through the market without stopping to catch my breath, going on field trips with my sons class, and making plans with friends and not cancelling on them.

“I’m even able to do more daring things like 5k runs, going to the gym, and heading to the beach and theme parks with my family, I’m just so much more confident.”

Now Zach is fundraising to remove part of the excess skin on his thighs that he says hangs down like a second pair of testicles.

He hopes that it will help him fit into clothing better in the future and boost his confidence.

Zach added: “Once you lose so much weight you fully run out of elasticity in your skin.”

“Due to the skin sagging below my underwear it looks like I have an extra pair of testicles.

“It’s kind of funny, although it’s also quite challenging to have to wear compression garments every day to keep the excess skin from flapping around and falling out of my shorts.

“It’s hard to go clothes shopping for shorts and pants. I have a lot of issues with my thighs and upper arms. Someday I’m hoping my skin removal surgery will be complete.

“It will help complete my journey, and make me feel a lot better about myself.”

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05/14/14 RNY (Gastric Bypass)

06/26/15 Endoscope (Negative for Ulcer)

07/12/16 Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck

07/12/16 Muscle Repair

07/12/16 Umbilical Hernia Repair #1

07/12/16 Butt Lift

07/12/16 Breast Reduction w/ Areola Reconstruction

02/08/17 MPFL Replaced (Left Knee)

02/10/17 Emergency Foot Surgery (Right Foot)

03/29/17 Endoscope (Negative for Ulcer)

05/26/17 Umbilical Hernia Revision #2

05/26/17 Belly Button Revision