Video Viral

By Hannah McFadyen

A mum was left shocked after her two-year old son managed to break free of his baby gate and wreak thousands of pounds worth of damage on their house – after redecorating with black paint.

Ellen Porritt, 37, had gone to answer the phone and when she returned two minutes later the house was covered in black paint.

Her two-year-old son Zeb was the culprit- he’d managed paint every section of carpet, the sofa, walls and even the family dog.

Ellen, a writer from Ipswich, Suffolk, reckons that even though he’s entering the terrible twos, she didn’t expect this.

She said: “I was working from home when I got a phone call, so I left him in the kitchen with the baby gate shut. I thought it was safe but it must not have been shut properly.

“We could track his movement through the entire house by his little footprints – he literally walked through every piece of carpet in the house.

“He was sat watching telly when we left him, but he must have gone upstairs to our daughter’s room. She had a massive basket of poster paints – the really big ones

“He must have squeezed them out and had a little paddle in them – not really knowing he was being naughty.

After entering his sister’s bedroom, Zeb decided to go and explore the house – leaving an adorable, yet horrifying set of painty black footprints as he went.

“We taught him to go down the stair on his bottom and he’s rubbed this black paint into every single stair!

“It’s been a real disaster – there’s thousands of pounds worth of damage. We’re on our third child so we thought we had it sussed.

“He’s just hitting the terrible twos right now and he has got a wilful streak – but we think he genuinely didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong.

“When we asked him about who had done this, he joyfully shouted, ‘ME!’

“My husband said it was like Jackson Pollock had had fun in the living room! Safe to say, we have now removed all the paint from the house. “