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A professional stuntman from Pakistan has jaws so brawny that he can bend an iron rod using his teeth and pull a minibus loaded with passengers.

Ghulam Farooq, 32, wows crowds with daredevil performances including lifting two bricks with his eyelids and boasts of mastering more than 50 life-threatening stunts.

Ghulam’s incredible mettle and strength has given him the moniker of ‘Jaw of Iron’ in the country.

 He says: “I love doing stunts and this is the only thing I am good at that is why I made it my profession. It is really a cakewalk for me.”

Pic from Caters News

 It was nearly a decade ago that Ghulam, a father of four, got hooked to stunts watching only action-packed shows on TV.

He said: “I got hooked to performing such stunts by watching similar shows on TV. Later, a veteran stuntman Ustad Sher Jan Baloch noticed my potential and mentored me but now I have come a long way.

“I can do better stunts than the stuntmen do on TV shows. I am just looking for a platform.”

“I am the best stuntman in whole of Pakistan. No one else than me can do these death-defying stunts with ease. Be it a truck run over my head or lifting four kilograms of brick with my eyelids, I can perform such stunts without even a scratch,” the daredevil boasted.

But for Ghulam, who has also opened a training program where he helps youngsters learn stunts, his ultimate wish is to become the strongest man in the world.

And to prove his strength, he eyes on pulling two airplanes with his teeth.

“I have tried most of the deadly stunts by now but my aim is to pull two airplanes with my jaw. I want to create a Guinness Book of World Records. That is my dream. It is not always easy but the amount of hard work I do, I am sure I would soon achieve my goal,” he signs off.