By Kristiana Hall

This is the heart-warming moment a fox appears to whisper a secret in his mother’s ear.

His mother seems to be listening intently, as the little fox appears to be whispering top-secret information.

Tony Joyce / Caters News

Tony Joyce, from British Columbia, Canada, spotted the family of foxes while out on a photography expedition.

Tony said: “It was emotional for me the first time I saw the baby fox come out of the den, I was able to witness some really tender moments with this family.

“The baby fox in this photo isn’t yet one month old, and their mum was still nursing her babies.

Tony Joyce / Caters News

“She went out hunting and came back with a rabbit, enticing the young kids to eat.

“Although they were a bit too young to eat the food, the kits thought it was fun to play with the rabbit.

“It was my first time witnessing nature like this, I was smiling the entire time I looked through my viewfinder.

Tony Joyce / Caters News

“I haven’t disclosed the exact location of where I snapped these images as I don’t want others damaging their habitat.”