By Laura Dale

This is the magnificent moment a double whale breach was caught on camera at sea.

Sylvain Girardot, 46, was on a boat around the French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean when he spotted the two humpback whales.

Sylvain Girardot / Caters News

Just off the coast of Tahiti, Sylvain managed to capture the most amazing synchronised whale breach.

The emergency doctor couldn’t believe his luck as the two whales both lifting into the air at the exact same time.

Sylvain said: “I was on my boat and hoped to see whales because we were in the whale season in Tahiti when went looking in August.

“It took 30 minutes before I spotted the whales in the distance.

Sylvain Girardot / Caters News

“During the ride over to them, I took my camera out of his waterproof bag and set it up.

“It’s quite rare to capture a jump so I wanted to be prepared.

“We were approaching the area where we had seen their breaths, so we slowed down to avoid scaring them.

“It was at this moment, while I was still at the helm of my boat, that I saw pointing heads leap out of the water.

Sylvain Girardot / Caters News

“I quickly pointed my lens at them and shot a burst of pictures, which captured their perfectly synchronised leap out of the water.”