By Jamie Smith

This equine Sia lookalike was captured on film making fun of its photographer – all for Cheap Thrills!

The photographer was in for a shock when he went to take a photo of some majestic Icelandic horses.

He approached the magnificent beasts in his car but as soon as he started taking photos the one of them to lose its composure and burst out into laughter.

Pic by Finnur Andresson/Caters New

It seems that the rest of horses couldn’t rein it in any longer and soon the whole group appeared to be laughing.

Finnur Andresson, 49, captured this photo in his hometown of Akranes in Iceland and he couldn’t believe it when they started to laugh and stick out their tongues.

Postman Finnur had no clue what the horses were thinking, but despite their mocking, it really made his day.


Finnur said: “The Icelandic horse has a great character I took my car and camera and drove around Akranes my home town in Iceland looking for animal’s to photograph.

“I saw this horse by the road and started to take photos of them and right away they started to make faeces smiling and making noise like they were laughing at me.

“I don’t know what they were thinking but it must have been fun – they made me smile and it really made my day”