Offbeat Video

By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A mechanic got the shock of his life when he discovered the cause of smoke coming from the engine of a car brought in for repair – a huge rat’s nest.

Staff at Berrima Diesel Service in Berrima, regional New South Wales, Australia, were stunned to discover a Toyota four-wheel drive had become infested by giant rats which tried to make the vehicle their home.

In jaw-dropping video footage, head mechanic Andrew Leimroth can be seen holding up the car’s air cleaner, which had been completely blocked by the mammoth rat’s nest and littered with rat droppings.

 Berrima Diesel / Caters News

The 49-year-old said: “The car had low power and had been smoking up. We checked everything and some of our findings were a bit weird, so we investigated further.

“We pulled out the air cleaner and couldn’t believe what we discovered.  We were all pretty shocked and amazed. It’s just not what you’d expect.

“It was an absolute ripper, and one of the funniest things we’ve seen for a while.

“We’ve had smaller rat’s nests, but this was like a huge palace compared to anything we’d seen before.”

The video of the chaotic rat’s nest has already racked up nearly 60,000 views on Facebook.

But Andrew revealed it was not the first time he had come across weird and wacky delights during his thirty years working at the family-run business.

He said: “In the eighties when I was just starting out, we had a customer pull up in his ute and he mentioned he couldn’t find his dog.

“We opened up the hood and discovered this tiny little Jack Russell quivering on the engine.

“The man had driven over 100km with his poor dog stuck in there. The dog could have been killed but thankfully he was okay.

“We’ve also had a cat run out from underneath the bonnet of a car and we never saw it again.”