By Mollie Mansfield

A suspected burglar got stuck in a window for SEVEN hours after he tried to break into a fast food shop.

At 8.20am this morning, November 2, police were called out to DFC Chicken shop to find a 45-year-old suspected burglar stuck in the takeaway’s window.

Pic from Caters News 

Kamran Hussain, 30, the manager of DFC Chicken shop, said: “I received a phone call this morning between 7 and 8am from the local resident who rang the police. He was letting us know about what had happened to the shop.

“The gentleman said that he was walking past the shop when the suspected burglar shouted at him for help – but because the gentleman couldn’t touch him, he called the police instead.

“The burglar had climbed on top of the bin which was at the side of the shop, and smashed the window.

“He then tried to pop in and out, but he couldn’t because he got stuck in the window.

Pic from Caters New

“We had no interaction with the burglar when he left the shop, but he looked old.

“When I found out I was shocked – this was the first time the shop has been attempted to be burgled, despite it being a rough area.

“We opened the shop again at 11am and we’re working as usual. We have a builder coming tonight to cover the window with bricks so that it’s secure again.”