By Helen Le Caplain and Iain Watts

A sassy kingfisher showed its flagrant disregard for the rules by showing off her latest catch – while perched on a ‘no fishing’ sign.

Wildlife photographer Simon Roy captured the brazen bird cheekily posing on the sign after spending a 12-hour stake out in a wildlife hide in Aberford, West Yorks.

The brightly coloured bird stood on the sign with an open-mouthed fish hanging limply from her beak before flying off to enjoy her illicit snack.


Simon Roy from Wetherby, West Yorks, said: “I’m very proud of that shot – she looks so cheeky and rebellious.

“She was even shaking the fish while perched on the sign as if to say ‘look at me’.

“I was there all day from 6am to 6pm to get this shot.

“Throughout the day kingfishers were coming in below the sign or landing on the sign but looking the other way.

“Managing to get the bird on the sign, facing in and get both it and the fish in focus was what took the time.

“I knew straight away when I’d got that brilliant shot.”


The dad of two, a photographer for six years, said he enjoyed snapping birds but also loved capturing mammals such as water voles.

Simon, 40, said: “I mostly take pictures of birds but also water voles which are pretty cute.

“Kingfishers are really beautiful birds and they are quite easy to get in when there are a lot of fish around.

“This one is a female – you can tell as the underside of the beak is red, while the underside of the males’ beaks are black.”