Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

A heartwarming video emerged from Sri Lanka shows an elephant’s desperate efforts as its slips three times while trying to push itself out of a deep, muddy well before eventually walking out of it.

Wildlife protection officials were informed by the villagers near Gagenbidunuwave jungles about an elephant that had fallen into an agricultural well on Monday.

The officials had brought cranes and crackers to guide the elephant but because of the heavy rains, the rescue operation was delayed by several hours.


On Wednesday, after three hours of resumed rescue work, the officials succeeded in cutting a path from the well using an excavator for the elephant to climb out.

In the video, the elephant can be seen almost submerged in pool of mud in a well and trying to climb out of it.

As soon as it sees a crane, it extends its trunk to hold the machine’s mouth.

In the desperate attempt, the heavy animal pushes itself three times but each times it slips back to the well. Eventually, it makes a recovery when the excavator treats a path for it and successfully climbs out of the well.

Crowd that had gathered around the well for days to keep an eye on its condition, erupted in loud cheers as they watched the elephant running to the jungle immediately after it came out of the well.