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By Luke Kenton

This audacious 18-year-old daredevil is scaling some of Britain’s most fearsome structures in the hope of inspiring those suffering from mental illness to ‘take control of their own narratives.’

For his latest stomach-churning stunt, this young daredevil, a star of YouTube channel Semicolon Adventures, scaled a towering construction crane in central London, aptly dressed as Spiderman.


Thankfully his arachnid-like climbing abilities didn’t let him down, as he navigated his way up the structure with relative ease, despite dangling above the ground at a staggering 150m without any safety equipment.

Completing the climb in just 35 minutes, the anonymous thrill-seeker, who use to suffer from depression, brandishes a semicolon symbol at the peak of the crane – a visual representation of the message he hopes to inspire others with.

He said: “A semicolon is used by an author when he could’ve ended his sentence but chose not to.

“The author is you and the sentence is your life.

“Thus, showing a semicolon at the top of my climb in each of my videos represents the ethos of my work to the viewer.

“All of this came as a result of my charity,, where I aspire to save people’s lives by inspiring those who are suicidal, depressed or anxious to go out and identify their own gifts, make it their passions and then make it their purpose.


“I would also urge that nobody attempt to re-create my stunts, but instead seek their own passions, as this is my mission and shouldn’t be theirs.

“I’ve been free-climbing since I was 12-years-old, which has given me the experience to do some of the world’s most death-defying free climbing stunts, as seen on my YouTube page.

“I’m not different to anyone else – of course there is fear before the climb but all of that stops the minute I begin.

“Before doing any climb, I first ensure the conditions are good and that there is nobody below me who could be hurt or killed, so the only consequences are held to me.

“Nobody in my family knows that I do these climbs, but if they found out I’m sure they wouldn’t be too surprised; I’ve always been climbing since such a young age.

“My personal mission is to fulfill my dream of becoming one of the world’s greatest daredevils, and I have a whole load of extraordinary surprises for future climbs.


“With regard to my charity work, I hope that these climbs can help to make a positive change in the world, helping as many people as I can who have mental health issues to find a passion to act as their natural remedy.”

To learn more about ‘Power of Passion’s’ charity work, visit: PowerOfPassion

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