Life Video

By Katy Gill

This amazing parenting hack is helping new parents to finally get some sleep.

The footage shows three week old baby A’mire being put to sleep by her aunt to the sound of running bathwater.

The white noise seems to soothe her and soon adorable A’mire is sleeping peacefully.

Lauren Session, 31, says that she was caring for her sister’s baby while she was hospitalised.

Lauren said: “I hadn’t taken care of a baby in almost 5 years and this baby was very fussy because I believe she was missing her mom and I wasn’t getting any sleep after just working a 12hr shift.

Registered Nurse Lauren, has a four and a half year old Dalani and she says that this brilliant trick used to work for her.

“I had tried numerous of things but nothing seemed to work. I then remembered when my daughter was a baby and had a fussy moment, I would go into the bathroom and run the bathtub water and that would soothe her

“I went into my bathroom and turned on the sink and placed her in a football position and just rocked her and to my surprised it worked!

“I had actually got some sleep that night after numerous of sleepless nights – I was ecstatic.

Since posting the video Lauren has had numerous messages from people thanking her for the tip, and for a good night’s sleep.

“I’m grateful and I’m so happy I could share my story with people all over the world and help because that’s what I love doing.

“It’s crazy, I would have never thought it would hit over 3 million views and over 500 friend requests and thousands of likes and shares.”