Offbeat Video

 By Laura Dale

 These amazing photos show Sven Ugau, 37, fly head first through three targets in Walenstadt, Switzerland.

Sven can be seen flying through the targets, in a sequence that has never been seen before.

Bert Verhey / Caters News

Sven said: “This is the most special jump that I’ve ever done, as I’ve not done a triple target jump before.

“I did a double flythrough before and it didn’t work out.

“After practicing single flythroughs all winter, I felt ready to try the triple again, but the first attempt was a failure.

“I then decided to drive back the following weekend and try it again – I had a big smile on my face that time as it was a success.”

Bert Verhey / Caters News

Sven’s previous passions include motor racing and skydiving, before he discovered wingsuit BASE jumping.

“As much as I enjoyed BASE jumping it wasn’t enough, and I wanted to add a more thrilling element to it instead of just flying close to fields and trees.

“So I then started to fly through targets, and even though it was quite risky as it could rip open my suit and affect my flight, I decided to give it a go.

“I make sure that it’s safe by looking for the right materials for the targets- it can’t be too strong and it can’t stick to my body

Bert Verhey / Caters News

“I’ve now done more than 60 targets all over Europe, so other jumpers look to me for advice when they plan their first jump.

“It can be quite dangerous, because if you miscalculate where you place a target, then you can end up flying into the ground.”