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By Sarah Francis

A new mum claims pulling impressive yoga poses right up until her labour helped with her birth.

Randi Greene, 30, from Chesapeake, Ohio, took up yoga three-years-ago and became so hooked she started her own business.

But when she became pregnant last year, she modified her moves instead of hanging up her roll mat.

Even the day before her labour Randi was still conquering headstands.

She claims her flexibility aided her speedy 10 minute delivery of baby Quinn in January.

Randi said: “There were definitely certain poses and movements that I was unable to do during my pregnancy. 

“Once I got to a certain point, and my belly got to a certain size, poses that required me to lay on my stomach or any deep twists were out of the question.

“Though I had to stop doing certain poses, my body was able to do so much more than I could have ever imagined.

“I was able to hold handstands up until the day Quinn was born and teach hour long Buti Yoga classes well into my third trimester.”

On January 16, Randi and she husband David Greene, 33 welcomed their new-born into the world.

Randi said: “During my first trimester, I was extremely tired and only practiced yoga two to three days a week when I was able to peel myself off of the couch. 

“During my second and third trimester, when my energy started coming back, I would try to move my body for 45 minutes to an hour, four to five days a week.

“I taught Buti Yoga one to two times a week up until 37 weeks pregnant and also incorporated resistance training, dancing, and other forms of yoga into my weekly routine.”

“I 100% think practicing yoga and exercising during my pregnancy helped with my labour. 

“It not only helped with my breathing during contractions and delivery, but it also provided me with a certain level of confidence that allowed me to really tune into my body during labour.

“Yoga helped me create a deeper mind-body connection during my pregnancy. 

“Getting on my mat allowed me to get out of my head and not stress or worry about all of the unknowns of pregnancy and motherhood. 

“I am a pretty active individual, so moving my body and continuing my yoga practice and workout regimen throughout my pregnancy was the best thing for me but every pregnancy is so different.”

Randi, who started practicing Buti Yoga in 2014, works as an instructor and runs Wild Spirit Yoga Camp for women.

But she revealed she hasn’t always been a yoga-enthusiast.

Randi said: “I was always into lifting weights and running, however I was never a huge fan of yoga. 

“I had tried one class in my life and did not really enjoy that particular class, so I never tried yoga again, until I was introduced to Buti Yoga.

“I fell in love with the practice and decided almost immediately that I wanted to become a Buti Yoga instructor and share this life changing movement with others.

“I love that it is a complete workout all on its own and it’s a movement to empower women and help you gain confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin. 

“It leaves me feeling strong, energized, confident, and happy.”

She added: “I am looking forward to getting back to practicing yoga with my new little partner, however right now I am just enjoying being a new mom and soaking up all of his sweet baby snuggles while I can.”

Randi shares photos of her practise as well as motherhood: @randilynngreene