By Jack Williams

This stunning motorhome is perfect for the super wealthy – as it not only comes with all of the mod-cons, but also a SUPERCAR GARAGE.

Pic from Volkner Mobil / Caters

The 40-foot Volkner Mobil Perforance S features a garage that allows owners to bring their weekend drives along for the, well, ride too.

The Performance S can comfortably house the likes of a Ferrari, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes, which are moved into the behemouth of a vehicle using an electrohydraulic lift.

Priced at $1.7 million USD (1.465 million EURO), inside, the Performance S offers a fully-equipped kitchen, sleeping quarters, wooden and leather fittings, state-of-the-art

Pic from Volkner Mobil / Caters

entertainment, and a wall that slides out to provide extra space.

For Stephanie Volkner, director of Volkner Mobil GmbH, one of the greatest features that shows off the home’s lavishness is a cooking island, something that cannot be found inside most of the motorhome’s competitors.

Stephanie said: “It is a house on wheels.

“Our clients normally have big companies. They want to travel freely.

Pic from Volkner Mobil / Caters 

“They want to decide when they start their journey, where they can go, not before.

“They look at the weather and start. They want to live in their own, very personal area.

“Exclusive is for everybody very different. Some need a golden faucet to be exclusive.

Pic from Volkner Mobil / Caters 

“For me, its exclusive that the interior has harmony and all the materials are of the highest quality and their processing is at the highest level.

“We have sold more Performance models than we thought to sell altogether.”