By Laura Dale

Now that’s what you call a moustache!

The ‘Handlebar Club’ meet once a month to discuss moustaches, grooming and to show off their best facial-hair efforts.

Founded on April 1 1947 by Jimmy Edwards, Frank Muir and Raymond Glendenning, this photo set pictures a variety of club members over the years, showing off their perfect handlebar moustaches.

It’s clear these moustache-bearers are going to give Movember supporters a run for their money next month!

However, if you think you have a moustache worthy of membership – there’s a few more guidelines you must meet before being accepted.

Club secretary, Conrad J.A. Amis said: “There are two qualifications for membership. The candidate must possess “a hirsute appendage of the upper lip, with graspable extremities”.

“Additionally we specify that beards are not allowed.

“Members meet on the first Friday of every month, at the Heron Bar and Restaurant in Paddington, as well for our formal general meeting, Christmas luncheon and various other events.

“This year we celebrated the club’s 70th birthday and we’re proud to say that we’re still in rude health, with over a hundred members and friends all across the world.”

Pic by Sren Ragsdale / Caters News