By Emma Wootton

Incredible photos show a deer somersaulting in to the air after brawling with fellow bucks.

They are pictured butting heads with one another, until one is flipped in to the air after losing the scrap.

Pic by Steve Ball/Caters News 

Steve Ball, 57, took the photos at Holkham Hall Park, Norfolk, after spotting the fallow deer bucks fighting during the rutting season.

Steve said: “I went to the park hoping to take some pictures of Western Osprey, but they failed to make an appearance, so I decided to have a walk around the park taking various pictures of the deer.

“I could hear and see some distant rutting in progress, so I decided to stay put at a safe distance from the deer to observe as the bucks sized eachother up.

Pic by Steve Ball/Caters News 

“After only a few minutes two Fallow deer bucks set about shoving eachother and clashing antlers giving me a good opportunity for some photos.

“A third buck seemed very interested in what was going on, and watched from the side lines to make his move.

“It was at this point that he charged the two fighting bucks and completely flipped one into the air.

“The original pair of bucks continued to fight for some time once the flipped deer had recovered from his somersault.

Pic by Steve Ball/Caters News 

“It was a once in a lifetime shot to capture the deer in mid-air during the melee.

“It really shows how much power these animals have, and people should realise that these are still wild animals, especially at this time of year.

“I hope that the people in the habit of taking deer selfies take note.”