Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

This adorable empathetic toddler cries for her lonely lost teddy incessantly, as she believes it really ‘needs a hug from its mommy’.

After staying at her grandmothers, three-and-a-half-year-old Brooklyn Muzzi was left heartbroken upon realizing her teddy bear had been left behind.

Brooklyn, however, was not just sad because she herself missed the bear.


Incensed by the sudden realization of her loss, little Brooklyn, who views her bear as ‘her baby’, can barely get her words out as mum, Tavia, asks her why she wants her bear back so badly.

With the tears continuing to pour down the toddler’s cheeks, Brooklyn proclaims ‘because she needs my hugs’ before launching into another heartwarming explosion of emotional, filled with often indistinguishable sentences.

Watching on heartfelt by her daughter’s reaction, Tavia, from Grand Prarie, Texas, USA, said: “Brooklyn was given her Teddy by our family friends, and she’s been inseparable with her ever since.

“Her Teddy goes everywhere with her – she sees it as her baby.

“After she realised she’d accidentally left her at her grandparents’ house, she was so upset.


“This has happened a few times before – usually she is just really unhappy and I have to convince her everything will be okay until the morning.

“But she’s grown more and more attached to Teddy and this time she just broke down in tears instantly.

“Both her Grandma and Grandpa were busy that night, so we weren’t able to just go and pick Teddy up.

“Thankfully, we were able to get her the next day and Brooklyn instantly relaxed, giving her the big hugs she was talking about in the video.”