Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

The adorable three-year-old is sporting an unusual Halloween costume.

Little Roman is on his way to a Halloween party in Manhattan and yes, he’s dressed as a pigeon riding the subway.

PIC FROM Caters News

His mum, Anna says that the adorable costume was Roman’s ideas – since he loves the subway trains so much.

Why a pigeon? Well that was Roman’s request too, he loves pigeons and in this case the pigeon is riding the train.

Artist Anna De Los Reyes, 24, said: “For months Roman has been talking about his Halloween costume, he came up with the concept on his own.

“The inspiration for his costume comes from his love of public transportation and the main form of wild life in the city, Pigeons.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Roman absolutely loves subway trains; it is something he takes very seriously. I think it’s pretty common for city boys.

Clever Roman has even learnt all.

“The costume was received well, especially among other train loving babies. Anyone who knows Roman would most likely not be surprised by his costume choice – he always has a subway toy in hand.

PIC FROM Caters News

“We made the costume together as a family the night before. Roman helped the entire time with painting and taping – it only took a couple hours to assemble everything.

“He was very proud of his creation, and slept with it next to his bed all night.”