Video Viral

By Katie Gill

A pet pig has become Instagram famous because everything he does is adorable.

Max Dinatale, a senior media buyer and model from South Carolina, USA has seen his pet pig, Pickle’s profile explode with fans.

Max thinks its Pickle’s lovable personality and unusual taste for bathing which has racked him up 55,000 followers on @pickle.the.pig.

Max said: “He definitely hated getting bathed at the beginning. Then he got a little bigger and realised he could just lay his full body down in the warm water and soak, he seemed to love it!

“A lot of pigs hate the bath and need to be distracted with food, but Pickle loves it. He gets bathed about once every two weeks.

“He’s only been swimming once though! I bought him a mini pool for the backyard, but he didn’t have as much fun as he did in the big pool.

“It’s getting more and more popular to have mini pigs as pets but, where I live in South Carolina, I still get lots of questions.

“He is actually super easy. He does a lot of sleeping (I think!) while I’m at work, and he doesn’t get into much trouble while I’m gone. While I am home with him, he mostly likes to eat and snuggle! Unless we are out getting exercise.

“He stays in the laundry room while I’m gone, but he can roam throughout the house when I am there.

“A mini pig is not technically a formal breed, it’s just a type of pig that has been bred to be smaller but they do not stay small and they usually get up to 100 lbs.

“Whereas farm pigs which can get up to around 600lbs.

“All of Pickle’s videos get great, positive feedback. His most popular videos have been eating ice cream, dancing, and getting his belly rubbed.”