By Sven Kaeuler

This giant golden waterfall in America is the stuff of dreams.

Engineer and part-time photographer, Sitthipol Rujirawat travelled across California to capture the golden waterfall at Yosemite National Park, USA.

Sitthipol travels around the world to capture the beauty of nature in the hope of inspiring others to get outside but even he was taken back by the waterfall.

Sitthipol said: ““I went to enjoy and capture this mesmerising phenomenon, I also wanted to capture and share it with my friends and family so they are aware that it exists.

“I always want to inspire people to get outside and travel.

“The setting sun hits Horsetail fall at just the right angle,creating an illusion as if the waterfall is on fire.

“This only occurs for two weeks from mid to late February. It Started with yellow and then become brilliant orange. For the final minutes, it can become red.

Most people shoot the Firefall from either the El capitan picnic area along Northside drive or about a mile from El capitan drive on the southside  drive.

“I picked the southside drive area but hiked up the mountain to find an open space so I can get the higher vantage point.

“You need three things to happen, good snow, warm temperature and clear skies in Yosemite and the west side of the park for the light of the setting sun.

“I am delighted, excited and mesmerised by the beauty of the glowing waterfall.”