By Ben Walley

Jurassic bark – this is the hilarious video of an adorable pug and cat who are dressed up for a safari.

Pug, Bandito, seven, and best friend, Luigi, a Scottish Fold cat, two, from Norway, are inseparable and love being in front of the camera.

Their owner, Sebastian Smetham, 33, a writer, has created around 20 videos of the pair and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Bandito and Luigi’s outfits are handmade by Sebastian and fans from their successful Facebook page.

And with this video being a real hit so far, it might well be their best production yet.

He said: “I’ve had Bandito and Luigi since they were six to eight weeks old and the boys love getting involved in filming.

“If they see I’m doing something, they come to check it out.

“I can’t count all the videos we have done with them but it’s around 20.

“I make some outfits for the video shoots myself or they are from our nice supporters online.

“The ideas for all our videos come from being creative and because we live in the countryside, we have a lot of time to go walking and think of new ideas.”