By Laura Dale

A ferocious mink cheats death as it fends off this hungry hawk with right hook.

Targeting its prey, the hawk swoops in; only to make a speedy exit after the mink jumps and takes a fierce swipe at it.

Bill Lomeland / Caters News

Nature photographer Bill Lomeland took these shots after waiting in place for a whopping four hours.

He took the photos in Jæren, a region of Norway known for its flat lowlands.

Bill, 45, said: “It’s incredibly rare to see a mink jumping, especially at a goshawk – mink are a problem in Norway as they kill lots of birds.

Bill Lomeland / Caters News

“Other photographers have told me how envious they are that I managed to see this and record it in a series of images.

“I am one of Norway’s leading nature photographers, often staying out for weeks just waiting for something exciting to happen.  And like that image, when it pays off, it’s great!”

Bill Lomeland / Caters News

Mink are often known for their fierce nature and their soft coats – they’re found throughout America and Europe and while they may look like rodents, they’re actually carnivores.