By Becca Husselbee 

A terminally ill cancer sufferer has not let her illness dampen her Halloween spirit being – dressing as the Addams Family character Uncle Fester.

Mary Elizabeth Rountree, 58, is currently undergoing chemotherapy for secondary stage four breast cancer, which has now spread to her bones, but was determined to take part in Halloween celebrations in her own way – by using her bald head as the perfect Hallowe’en outfit.

Pic from Tiffany Rakes / Caters News 

Her niece Tiffany Rakes, 34, took the pictures of the outfit before posting them on her Facebook page with the comment, ‘When your Aunt has cancer but is an absolute BOSS and is determined to have fun with it. #unclefester #addamsfamily #likeaboss.’

Tiffany said: “My aunt thought it would be a funny costume since she was so bald, and I jumped on it.

“I had the makeup in my purse and did the eyeliner and her daughter Samantha grabbed a lightbulb.

“I covered her up in an apron and posed behind her as Thing, and then my mom hid behind her and shone a flashlight through the lightbulb to make it light up.

“My aunt Cathy and my mum, Cindy, were there too, and we all had a blast with it.

Pic from Tiffany Rakes / Caters News 

“We did a whole photo shoot and it took forever because we were all laughing so hard. It really brought some light into the situation.”

Mary was diagnosed in November 2013 but after going into remission was given the news that her husband had multiple myeloma, a marrow cancer.

He passed away within months and three months later Mary discovered that the cancer had returned.

Tiffany said: “She is a real fighter.

“Doctors told her she may have one year left or could have ten, it depends on how the cancer progresses.

“She’s already made it a year and she looks amazing.

“She is just an amazing person, she’s my absolute favorite person.”