Animals Video


By Taniya Dutta 

Stomach-churning visuals show a 13-foot-long python regurgitating a dog that it had preyed on from the fringes of an Indian village.

The reptile was found struggling to move by some women near a cow shed in Umarda village in Udaipur in Rajasthan in western India on Sunday afternoon.

They quickly raised an alarm and called in rescuers for help.

Volunteers from Wild Animal and Nature Rescue Society reached the spot and with the help of the locals, made the snake regurgitate the dog that might have choked the reptile to death.

Sohan Singh Sidodiya, President of the NGO, said: “The reptile had been struggling to move. Normally, the pythons can stretch their mouth and swallow big animals like goats and dogs but they cannot digest these animals and choke to death.

“This generally happens when the reptile is either hungry for days or when it is preparing for hibernation in winters.

“We do not force the snakes to regurgitate rather they do it themselves in fear when they feel the human touch. They try to run away and to make it light the snakes vomit the animal.”

The video shot on mobile cameras shows locals and volunteers walking to the immobile reptile with snake catching sticks in hand.

They carry the massive snake to a plain area and the moment they put it down, the python starts spewing out its food. First come the legs and in no seconds, the whole dog comes out.

The rescue operation lasted for half an hour and later the snake was released into Bagdara Natural Park.

There have been several cases of python preying on goats and dogs in the recent past and snake experts believe the excessive deforestation is leading to serious imbalance in local ecological system forcing the reptiles and other wild animals to come closer to human habitat.