Offbeat Video

By Becca Husselbee

A couple have spent thousands transforming their home into a real-life version of the mansion from the hit TV show The Munsters.


Complete with the signature black cat and gargoyles’ at the front gates the house is an exact replica from the hit 1960’s TV series, which follows the lives of dad, Herman, and his family of monsters.

The fully furnished 6,000sq ft house attracts thousands of TV buffs each year and contains some of the most iconic Munsters features such as Grandpa Munster’s dungeon, rotating suit of armour and of course the pet dinosaur under the stairs.

Sandra Mckee and her husband Charles from Waxahachie, Texas, USA, decided to create the mansion after a lifelong love for the programme.


Sandra said: “I grew up with it and The Munsters was one of the shows you could watch with the family – a real wholesome family show.

“We had restored an old Victorian house before and I just said it would be really cool to create the Munster house.

“I was just joking to begin with but when Chuck said that would be really cool I just ran with it and here we are.”

The house is not just for show, with the Mckees live in their creepy surroundings all year round and Sandra, 56, said she feels like she has to match the show in every sense but that does have its downside.

Sandra added: “I think we do miss out on a lot of comfort areas in the house.

“It would sometimes be nice to go into your bedroom and have a regular room.


“We had a king-size bed but as this didn’t match the show we had to downsize it for a smaller one.

“The thing is we have to match the show. When people come in they look for things to catch you out on, things that don’t match the show.”

Every piece of furniture in the mansion is specifically chosen for its resemblance to items in the show – no matter what the cost.

Charles revealed: “Some items in the house have come from the set, been found on auction sites or have kindly been donated by people.

“The most expensive item was Lily’s harp which she plays in the show – that cost £25,000.

“I always look for bargains on eBay and after ten years of searching found the organ that Grandpa Munster plays – it only cost $700.”


The couple spent £225,000 on the initial build but since then Sandra has lost track of how much she has spent kitting out the house.

Sandra said: “I will always be looking for new pieces to add to the house.

“If we had enough money I’d create a whole street with the Addams Family house and the one from Psycho.


“I did the Munster Mansion for my own pleasure and didn’t even think that people would care – especially enough to come and visit from other countries.”

The pair doesn’t just keep the pleasure of the house to themselves though, as every year they hold a Halloween charity event where people can dress up and tour the house.

Almost a whopping 1,000 people attend, but the house isn’t just full of strangers, as they get the whole of their family, including three children and eight grandchildren, involved.



Sandra said: “My youngest grandson – now eight – thought for a long time we were the actual Munsters and was a bit scared of the house.”

This Halloween the grandparents will enjoy trick or treating with their grandchildren and also handing out treats to those who are brave enough to venture up their garden path.