Video Viral

By Sophie Norris

A mum-of-three who thought she was being stalked while walking in the woods with her daughter has revealed eerie footage she later discovered of a scarecrow-like figure ‘lurking’ behind them.

Elisa Brown had been filming a family walk in Coppice Woods near her home in Biddulph, Staffs, earlier this month with Staffordshire Bull Terrier Max and seven-year-old daughter Paige.

However halfway through the jaunt, the 40-year-old mum claims she heard the sound of sticks crunching underfoot behind them and suspected they were being followed.


When she wondered out loud at what she thought she had heard, the mum was left ‘freaked out’ to hear a man’s voice reply – despite no one seemingly nearby.

Upon arriving home and checking the footage, the family were stunned to spot a figure stood in the bushes behind little Paige as she played unawares.

Elisa believes the voice she heard was the spook in the shrubbery.

Being a fervent believer in ghosts and demons, Elisa is now showing the video to the public in the hope someone may be able to explain who or what the figure could be.

Elisa, from Biddulph, Staffordshire, said: “It was silent and just me, Paige and the dog but suddenly I heard the sounds of sticks being walked on.

“I was looking around after I heard that but couldn’t see anyone so thought I’d misheard it.

“I whispered under my voice ‘what can you hear’ and in reply, I heard a man’s voice whisper ‘I don’t know’. It couldn’t have been anything else [other than the figure in the video].

“To me, it looks like a scarecrow or something but when I’ve gone back to the woods, there’s nothing there.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve come across something like this and I’m into all paranormal activity – ghosts, demons. It interests me because I know it’s all so real.

“I have encountered paranormal activity before but you’re talking about eight years before this.”

A lover of supernatural documentaries, Elisa claims she has since returned several times to the same spot.


But every time, her other dog Tyson has been left terrified and ‘leaning’ against her, as if he also sensed something out-of-the-ordinary.

Elisa said: “I didn’t really notice it was there until I came back and went through the videos.

“It was weird though, how I spotted it. When I was in Coppice Woods, I had no idea anything was lurking behind Paige.

“I normally take one of the dogs each day so they have their run of the woods without the others.

“We were all having a mess about and running around while I was filming it on my tablet.

“When I heard the rustling, I kept the dog back and we left straight away. When I got back home, I was showing my son Connor and he said ‘what’s that’ and pointed the figure out.

“I’ve taken Tyson a couple of times too but he wouldn’t leave my side whereas normally he’d be off.

“He was leaning against me the whole time or just stood there like a stuffed dog. He wouldn’t move or anything so must have been terrified.

“Usually, when they’ve seen something they’ll stop dead. I think he could see something.

“It was weird how I heard that and came to review the video and discovered the figure. I’m just a bit freaked out about it.

“I don’t know much about the area but I have been told that it was used back in the day for horse and carriages to pass through.

“Further down the track there’s a bunker but I’m not sure what it’s used for.”

Now Elisa is calling on real-life ghostbusters to help her unravel the mystery surrounding the ghost in the woods.


Elisa said: “I just want to know whether it was a ghost or not. It’s probably scarier if there’s a man hidden in the bushes really.

“My daughter just wants to know what is going on. She doesn’t get frightened of the supernatural very much.

“I do believe in the supernatural and I’m into all the TV shows. I do like the paranormal.

“When I saw the footage, it was bizarre but I was a bit excited too to be honest.

“That’s the reason I’ve asked others what they thought because I wanted to see who else could see the figure.”