Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

One glance at these photos, and you’d think this worm is really burrowing its way into someone’s hand.

Pic by Teresa Michelle Mullin/Caters News

But this eye-popping body art is the creation of professional face and body painter Teresa Mullin, 50, from Rhyl Wales.

Pic by Teresa Michelle Mullin/Caters News

These amazing photos show creepily realistic 3D body art including octopus tentacles protruding from a hand, a stream of candy falling from an open wrist, and a huge tarantula sitting on a hand.

Teresa said: “I started face painting five years ago, and started doing the 3D work not long after.

“It can take anything from 10 minutes for a quick 3D butterfly to two hours for something large, like the candy arm that I did.

Pic by Teresa Michelle Mullin/Caters News

“I have travelled to the USA, Ireland and lots of places in the UK with my work and I hope to go to more places in the future and to improve my work.

“My inspiration comes from everything around me, but my daughter is my main inspiration as she is my model for some of my work.

“My favourite piece is a large tarantula hand painting and the candy arm.

Pic by Teresa Michelle Mullin/Caters News

“Each time I paint a piece I get ideas for many more, and I love that it can be washed off to start all over again on something new.”

You can view Teresa’s work on her Instagram page: HERE.