Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

Adorable Ava is clearly not a morning person.

The video, taken by her dad, shows the 20-month-old curled up in her crib with a little pink blanket and she’s refusing to get up in the cutest way.

Pic by Matthew Cox/Caters News

‘Are you ready to get up?’ asks her dad, ‘NOOOO’ Ava howls. I’m sure many of us can identify with her hatred of mornings!

Ava’s dad Matthew Cox, 35, says that although she has her moments, they’re lucky to have a toddler that is such a good sleeper.

Matthew says: “She is an incredible sleeper – we are very lucky, she goes to bed at 9pm and has to be woken up pretty much every day at 8am.

“If we leave her say on a weekend she can comfortably sleep for over 12 hours straight.

Revenue Officer, Matthew, says there is a trick to luring her out of bed – it involves breakfast cereal.

“Like any toddler she definitely has her moments but in general she’s a pretty chilled out kid

Pic by Matthew Cox/Caters News


“If I offered her milk or cheerios in her room, she would be out of bed in a shot.

“She actually has a mobile which will play music and wave sounds, if she’s awake and ready to get up, she’ll turn on the music and I know I am good to go.

“Unfortunately with a tight day-care and commuting schedule however she doesn’t always get that luxury.”