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This is the heart-warming moment a French drone pilot popped the ‘big question’ to his Chinese girlfriend on top of the Great Wall of China.

The beautiful moments of 24-year-old Jean Baptiste Gidrol’s proposal were caught on camera.

His unsuspecting girlfriend, Yizhou Bao, 28, was led to believe that they were taking a walk around the Great Wall.

Gidrol said: “She knew I wanted to go to the Great Wall and that I could finally try my new drone there. It was the perfect plan.’’

“I had the plan for the shot with the drone circling around us. It was a beautiful day and not a lot of people were there. When I saw this square place on the wall I knew I wanted to propose there.

”I said that I wanted to try the ‘flight mode’ on my drone there and she just sat waiting for me to finish playing.”

PIC FROM Caters News

At that moment Gidrol went on one knee and asked Bao to marry him, offering her the ring. She immediately said ‘yes’.

Jean Baptiste describes the moment as ‘just perfect’.

He said: “It really seemed natural for me to propose there.”

The adorable couple met through a gaming site four years ago while Bao was studying art in France.

Gidrol, who works as a video editor, said: “We met online and start playing video games together before we first met.”

PIC FROM Caters News

In June last year, Bao had to leave France after her visa expired.

Gidrol said: “I made the decision to come to China to study Chinese so that I could be with her as soon as possible.

“Living together has been just fun since.”

The two are now busy planning a big wedding, and celebrating with their friends.