By Michael Scott

Wildlife spotters including a small child calmly stroll in the countryside just feet from a dangerous family of elk.

Photographers Trent Sizemore, 27, hit out after snapping a member of the public carrying a child, just feet away from a massive bull elk in Yellowstone National Park, Montana.

Trent, who took the photos on the 27th of September, warns that getting to close to these wild animals can result in injury or even death.

Trent Sizemore/Caters News

He said:”Photographers getting too close give visitors the impression that it’s okay for them to do the same thing.

“When someone gets too close, the animals begin acting nervous and will either run away or charge at the person.

The legal guidelines state that people should keep at least 75ft away from wild animals, and 300ft for bears and wolves. But Trent points out how even with these distances animals can still be dangerous.

He said: “Many animals, including the bull elk in the photos, will become agitated and aggressive even if you are more than 25 yards away.”

Pic by Trent Sizemore/Caters News

The photographer believes it’s not just a risk to humans, but also to the animals – you’re putting both yourself and the creature at risk.

Trent added: “If an animal attacks and kills someone, it is very possible that the animal will have to be killed by the park service as a result.

“Several bull elk in the town of Mammoth Hot Springs (Yellowstone’s park headquarters) are well known for attacking cars and chasing people in the town during the mating season.

“I would like to add that there are still many respectful photographers photographing Yellowstone and other national parks. It’s just th