Animals Video

By Christina Wood

This is the hilarious moment a ‘clumsy’ Great Dane skidded six feet across the grass face first and nosedived into a lake after a high speed fall – but then tried to pretend it never happened.

Rachael Higley, 29, began filming her pet pooch Harper as she became increasingly excited while enjoying a walk in her favourite park earlier this month but accidentally caught her plunge on camera.


In the footage, the dog can be seen running laps around the park until she loses control and is sent skidding across the grass with her face, before landing in the lake with a splash.

Harper then jumps right back to her feet and carries on her way as if the incident never happened – but remained sheepish for the remainder of her walk.

The stable worker admits that the four-year-old ‘neurotic’ dog isn’t the brightest and this was the first time one of her many ‘awkward moments’ was caught on camera.

Rachael, from Valparaiso, Indiana, US, said: “She was running around and she just tripped up. She’s never been known for being graceful. She’s quite clumsy.

“She does silly stuff all the time but this is the first time she’s been caught on video. She’s not the brightest. She does dumb things for a living and she is a pro at ‘I meant to do that’ moments.


“I was just taking her out for a walk and I decided to take a video and I caught an awkward moment.”

After taking the video, Rachael continued her walk with Harper who was far quieter after her fall was captured on camera.

Rachael said: “My main concern was whether I could take the video without laughing. I thought it was hilarious. Everyone who has seen the video thinks that it is so funny.

“She isn’t normally a huge fan of running so she was a bit burned out after and quietened down. She’s quite a neurotic dog usually.

“She was a little less hyper afterwards but she’s not a huge fan of swimming so I’m sure she was a little upset about being submerged.”