Animals Video

By Liam Bolland

A photographer has filmed amazing footage of wild animals interacting with his GoPro.

Andrew Macdonald, 32, of Jedburgh, Scotland, is also a qualified safari guide and captured the footage in South Africa over a year long period.

He got up close and personal with warthogs, elephants, rhinos, waterbucks, and buffalo.

Pic by Andrew Macdonald/Caters News

The stunning South African scenery can be seen with the bemusement of the animals, as they approach the GoPro.

Pic by Andrew Macdonald/Caters News

Andrew said: “I have had many fantastic interactions with animals and the failed attempts are worth the ones I get right.

“I hoped to get an ant’s eye view and give a completely different perspective to these amazing animals.

Pic by Andrew Macdonald/Caters News

“My intentions were obviously to disturb the animals as little as possible but I had some fantastic experiences.

Pic by Andrew Macdonald/Caters News

“When filming the buffalo 150 of them surrounded me which was a great sighting.

“I’ve had loads of encounters with animals and i intend on creating more videos in the future.”