By Lauren Fruen 

A LITTLE boy has become a real superhero to stray cats after dressing up as his favourite crusaders to feed and look after them.

Shon Griffin – who is just five-years-old – takes on Spiderman, Batman and Superman as feeds and pets the animals.

Pic by Kris Griffin/Caters News

The youngster’s aunts Kris & Kia, both 36, got involved in cat rescue and fostering almost a decade ago.

The family, who live in Philadelphia, formed Kolony Kats and little Shon – who they dub The Catman – got involved.

The schoolboy visits his aunts regularly and helps them with looking after more than 40 cats.

They say Shon likes to dress up as “he said it makes him feel like a super hero for the cats”.

The couple say: “It all started when we spotted two feral kittens, Lady & Bug, behind a row of houses in a driveway.

“We started feeding them, and was able to trap Lady with no problem. We had her spayed, given shots and released her back outside to her home.

Pic by Kris Griffin/Caters News

“Bug on the other hand was different. He eluded the trap and any close contact with us for two years.

“Over that two year period, other cats showed up and started hanging out with Lady and Bug. We named the group of cats, The Kolony Kats.

“Our nephew Shon would come visit, and spend weekends with us ever since he was a baby.

“When he was three-years-old, he started showing interest in wanting to help us feed and provide water for the outdoor cats.

“At first we were hesitant, but we decided to give it a try one day. And to our surprise, most of The Kats took to him right away. They gravitated to him.

“Shon comes to spend at least one weekend a month with us and always looks forward to helping us with all of the cats.

Pic by Kris Griffin/Caters News 

“He likes to wear his superhero costumes, because he said it makes him feel like a superhero for the cats! His favorite thing to do is give them treats and chin scratches.

“He knows how to dish out the dry food, fill up the water bowls without any directions from us.

“And he never leaves any of our locations without giving the friendly cats a little bit of loving, in the form of head and chin scratches.

“We call him The Catman.”

Kris & Kia – who care for 45 cats daily – are now the authors of a children’s book titled Be Kind To Kats.

It hopes to teach children kindness, and all about feral cats, through the eyes of their very own Kolony Kat Bug.

The groups has a GoFundMe page at