Video Viral

By Charlotte Regen

This shocking footage shows a pair of lads jumping on the back of a moving bus travelling around a busy roundabout.

As an anonymous driver was waiting to cross a roundabout on Strasbourg Drive in Leicester during rush hour on Tuesday October 24, a bus pulled up next to him.

When the bus pulls off, two guys – one wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and a black hoody, the other wearing all black – grab on to the rear.

Oblivious, the bus pulls out into traffic with the crazy males lifting their feet off the tarmac and clinging on as it swings around the road.

They said: “Of course it was really dangerous, but at the time I found it funny.

“Other drivers around me were laughing at what they were doing.

“I have no idea who the lads were or where they came from.

“They just appeared behind the bus.

“All in all, they must have stayed on for two thirds of a mile.

“They got off at every stop for a rest but didn’t get caught at any point.”