Animals Video

By Ben Walley

Adorable pup Ace has seen his new food bowl and he does not like it!

Four month old Ace freaks out, barking and jumping back from his terrifyingly shiny new possession.

Poor Ace seems hilariously torn though – he wants his food, but is terrified of this strange new object.

Amber Kennealy/Caters News

Amber Kennealy, 25 from Michigan, USA, is Ace’s owner and she reckons that Ace’s fear came about after his collar hit the new bowl – making scary sounds for poor Ace.

“At first we had a plastic spiral bowl to help slow him down while he was eating to prevent bloat. He has trouble getting the food out of that bowl, so I got him a regular metal bowl.

“When I first showed it to him, his collar hit the bowl and made a sound that scared him a little. Then he went crazy and ran around barking at the bowl when I showed it to him.

Amber Kennealy/Caters News

Amber says that clever Ace has learnt many important doggy tricks, such as: ‘paw’, ‘kiss’ and ‘heal’, but at first he decided that this new bowl was a step too far.

“He was being super dramatic and wouldn’t come near it. But after a minute of barking he finally tried the new bowl and ended up liking it!

“He has no problem eating out of the scary new metal bowl now.”