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By Bilal Kuchay

This is the incredible moment volunteers rescue a snake from a glue board after it followed a mouse to a house but got trapped in it.

A two-foot-long greedy Striped Keel Back had entered the house of Alok Mohanty, a journalist from Samantarapur in the eastern Indian state of Odisha earlier this week.

Pic By Caters News

While chasing the rodent the non-venomous snake became a prey to the glue board and got stuck in it.

For several minutes the reptile and the mouse lay on the sticky board immobile until Mohanty saw the unbelievable scene and called volunteers at Snake Helpline – an organisation that focuses on the health of snakes and assists in snake rescues in the state, for help.

The rescuers applied a concoction of coconut and baby oil to remove the sticky glue from the snake’s body and released it back into its natural habitat.

Pic By Caters News

Visuals show the snake and the mouse lying helpless on the board as volunteers apply spirit, coconut and baby oil with their bare hands on the snake’s body to set the reptile free from the trap.

“There was a small rat trapped on the glue board which indicates the snake had followed the rat but itself got trapped.

“We used spirit and coconut oil to remove the sticky glue from the snake’s body.

“It took us almost 30 minutes to free the snake from the trap.”