Video Viral

By Helen Le Caplain

This is the moment a suspected compensation hunter sprinted towards a taxi and hurled herself on the bonnet – before ‘playing dead’ in the middle of the road.

Dashcam footage shows the ‘smirking’ would-be victim launching herself at the stationary car in Blackpool on Sunday night [OCT 22] before lying in the road while another driver veered round her.



As she lay motionless, her furious male companion can be seen racing towards baffled cabby Christopher Stewart and, in an off-camera incident, he claims the man raged at him and threatened to kill him.

However as the brunette reaches the middle of the road, she spins 90 degrees and sprints towards the Nissan ENV200, throwing herself on it and pretending to smash her head off the bonnet.

Premier Cabs driver Christopher, from Blackpool, believes her actions are an attempted ‘crash for cash’ scam and is thankful he had a dashcam to prove he didn’t hit her.

Christopher said: “From what I can remember she didn’t really try and jump on it she just dived straight at the car.

“It was like it happened in slow motion. I just thought ‘what an idiot’ – I knew straight away what was happening.

“She was trying to get a claim from a big and respectable company.

“I was stopped at the traffic lights when I saw them both running across the road.

“She then started doubling back and heading for me. I was going to put it in reverse but then I panicked there might be a car behind me so I just decided to let it play out, there was nothing I could do.


“She was then lying in the road and wasn’t moving. The man then came over to my window screaming and shouting and said ‘I’m going to kill you’ and really escalated it.

“I just thought to myself ‘I’m not messing around with this’ and drove straight back to the office to tell them what happened.”

Former Royal Artillery gunner Christopher, 33, said the incident was so clearly a set-up that no-one came to help the woman.

Christopher said: “Other drivers must have thought it looked that obviously fake that they just went round her as well.

“If it was real somebody would have stopped – but no-one stopped to help it. The whole incident is just unbelievable.”

Ex-army boxer Christopher said it was the most unusual incident he’d encountered in his 12 months as a taxi driver.

Christopher said: “Nothing like this has happened to me before. Sometimes people get a bit lairy, that’s a usual Saturday night, but this is something else.

“I was a boxer in the army so wasn’t that worried about the bloke who ran at me but the incident did put me off.

“After I reported it to the office I finished for the night as I didn’t want to go back out.”

As a result of the woman’s antics the plastic charge door on the car bonnet has a hole in it, costing an estimated £500 to fix.


Managing director of Premier Taxis John Cutler said: “This is what’s going on, people without dash cams are open to this.

“Without this footage we wouldn’t have been protected, it’s madness.

“If you look at the footage she has half a smile on her face at the last second as she’s going to do it. This is what is affecting the insurance industry.”

Lancashire Police confirmed the incident was reported to them.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We have had a report of this vehicle crime and we are investigating a fraud-related offence.”