By Luke Johnston

Like any mum, this bear certainly has her paws full dealing with her tearaway children – but all the hard work is worth is when one of her young settles down to give her a bear hug.

 Roie Galitz / Caters News

Frolicking in their natural habitat, this sequence of photographs shows a mother, being bombarded by her reckless cubs.

On their way to hunt for dinner, the cub can be seen embracing its mother, by grabbing onto her face, reluctant to let go.

Later on in the sequence, the family can all be seeing fishing for dinner together, showing one of the cubs catching food for itself.

The family then all proceed to tuck into a larger fish, demonstrating exactly what bears do best.

 Roie Galitz / Caters News

These photographs were taken by Roie Galitz in Kamchatka in Russia.

Roie said: “Mothers in natural usually show wonderful affection and love to their young cubs – especially mother bears.

“They enjoying hugging and sniffing each other, the mother breastfeeds her little babies and teaches them how to hunt fish for their own.

 Roie Galitz / Caters News

“It’s a full time job to be a good bear mother, and I think this moment was definitely a beautiful one – showing the touching bond.

“The cub is licking it’s mother all round, showing that they are very affectionate.

“Sometimes the bear cub cries when it doesn’t get the best part of the Salmon.

 Roie Galitz / Caters News

“Being so close to wild bears is an amazing experience. They have complex personalities and they are much smarter than you might think – they show incredible strength and energy too!”