Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta 

This is the bizarre moment a group of Indian villagers tied a crocodile to bicycle and wheeled it to a police station – to complain that it had attacked on of them.

Virus Kumar was bitten by the crocodile, which crawled out of a call near Babur Kumrukha, a village in Northern India., and bit him while he was relieving himself in a field.


He ran back to the village, where villagers raced to catch the beast with ropes and bamboo sticks, where they managed to bind its mouth closed with a piece of cloth.

But the mob had no idea what to do next with their captive – so decided to attach the croc to a BICYCLE and wheel it to a police station.

Dhananjay Singh, station house officer, said: “A group of villagers brought a crocodile on a bicycle to our police station and demanded to file a complaint against the crocodile.

“They said the reptile had attacked one of them.


“I made them understand that that’s not possible and informed the forest department to take necessary action.”

The forest officials later rescued the crocodile and released it into a river, around 10 miles from the village.

Viresh, who sustained minor cuts, said that he did not wish any harm to the crocodile but feared that the crocodile might attack children in the village.

He said: “I somehow managed to escape and asked residents of the villagers to help in catching the crocodile.

“I had the fear that it may attack children or cattle. But once we caught it we did not know what to do so we went to station to took police’s help.

“We are relieved that the crocodile has been released into the river. But we will remain vigil in case it strays here again.”